NRC Assam issue sends political temperatures soaring

Amit Shah recalls Rajiv Gandhi's Assam Accord to hit back at Congress over NRC

Amit Shah recalls Rajiv Gandhi's Assam Accord to hit back at Congress over NRC

"When in power, they delay the matter and when in opposition, they oppose it. Vote bank politics should not be above national interest", he said, following up on his Rajya Sabha speech about the issue.

"What is the stand of the Congress party and its president Rahul Gandhi on Bangladeshi infiltrators?"

The head of Bengali department at the Cotton State University, Prasanta Chakraborty, said the names of his two elder brothers have been included in the final draft but those of their wives and children are missing.

Several other survivors of the "Nellie Massacre", which killed around 2,000 people from more than a dozen villages, gave accounts of burying bodies in a mass grave now partly under water.

Abdul Manan, a Muslim man returns after finding that his name is not included in the National Register of Citizens draft in Mayoung, about 55 kilometers (34 miles) east of Gauhati, India, July 30, 2018.

"We are certain that the problem of illegal influx in Assam, especially from Bangladesh, will be resolved".

Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat has confirmed that non-inclusion of the name in the NRC final list would not mean "automatic removal" from voter list in Assam, a report said.

Assam is the only Indian state to conduct a citizenship verification exercise on such a massive scale.

In June 2018, four United Nations human rights experts had sent a letter to Indian govt raising concerns over NRC process being discriminatory. A lot of them settled in Assam, which has a near-270 km (165-mile) border with Bangladesh.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who was scheduled to reply to the discussion on the issue, could not do so for the second day in a row. "We are grateful to India for hosting them". It is happening under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) federal government and the BJP government in Assam are issuing last moment assurances to calm them down but frightened minorities are bracing for the worst because of the BJP's record of targeting them and Assam's history of anti-Muslim pogroms. Don't you think people whose name isn't in the list will lose a part of their identity? Also Bangladesh has not agreed to claims that these people are irregular migrants, making their deportation unlikely.

The citizenship test is the culmination of years of often violent agitations by Assamese demanding the removal of outsiders they accuse of taking jobs and cornering resources in the state of 33 million, known for its tea estates and oil fields.

"A new revolution, to defeat the alien enemy, is beckoning", a young woman sings, "bravely let us shield our motherland".

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