Wisconsin Man Almost Dies After Being Licked By His Dog

Manteufel has undergone several surgeries to amputate his legs and arms

Manteufel has undergone several surgeries to amputate his legs and arms

Avid biker Greg Manteufel was forced to have the bottom of his legs amputated below the knee after capnocytophaga - a disgusting bacteria - caused him to lose all blood circulation there through sepsis. Contact with a dog's saliva, which is likely what happened to Greg Manteufel, is enough to cause an infection.

Dawn Manteufel said her husband was perfectly healthy, but what they initially thought was the flu landed Greg in the emergency room.

"He loves riding his Harley", Dawn Manteufel, Greg's wife, told WITI. The disease had made it look as if someone had beat him up with a baseball bat, which had shocked both of them.

In late June, blood tests revealed Greg Manteufel had infection caused by the bacteria capnocytophaga.

In a review of more than 450 patient cases, just 27 percent had contracted the bacteria from scratches, licking, or unspecified contact with dogs or cats.

A GoFundMe Account has been set up to help with Manteufel's medical bills. They said the woman recovered after two weeks of intensive care treatment and antibiotics.

Manteufel contracted Capnocytophaga canimorsus, but there are other species of the bacteria that cause lesser side effects compared to what he had to go through. In fact, up to 74 percent of dogs and up to 57 percent of cats have Capnocytophaga detected in their mouths. Although many people may not show any symptoms of the infection, those with compromised immune systems can face severe illness.

Dr Silvia Munoz-Price, an infectious disease specialist with Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, told WITI that Mr Manteufel's case is an extremely rare occurrence and that pet owners need not panic.

Doctors told him a blood infection had spread to all four of his limbs and, due extensive tissue and muscle damage, they would be forced to amputate all of his limbs.

Within days of being admitted to the hospital, Manteufel had to have both of his feet amputated. Manteufel also spent his entire life around dogs, which makes the blood infection all the more surprising. The CDC says it's fatal in about 30 percent of people who get infected, sometimes within 72 hours of the onset of symptoms. "It's just chance", said Munoz-Price.

Jason Marchand, the page's creator, said: "Greg has held his head high and is taking all the news like a beast".

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