North Korea is working on new missiles

A Korean veterans remembrance ceremony in 2017

A Korean veterans remembrance ceremony in 2017

With South Korean President Moon Jae-in a prime proponent of greater contacts with Pyongyang, North and South Korean military officials continue to hold their own talks in pursuit of a thaw in military tensions that have divided the two since the early-1950s Korean War was frozen by an armistice.

An initial "field forensic review" shows that the "remains are what North Korea said they were", John Byrd, director of analysis for the U.S. Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA), told reporters in South Korea, according to Reuters.

In May, Trump halted new sanctions targeting North Korea in anticipation of his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. We see shipping containers and vehicles coming and going.

The remains were then moved in gray vans to an airfield where United States and South Korean soldiers loaded them one by one into transport planes.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said last week that the return of the 55 boxes was a positive step but not a guarantee that the bones are American.

A USA defense official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told the AP that it could take months or years to identify the remains. Some 7,699 American service members are listed as unaccounted-for from the conflict.

Why are U.S. remains in North Korea?

Members of support group the Korean War Prisoners Of War and Missing In Action Network have told families to be cautious about the latest releases, saying they could be from other nationalities, not necessarily American.

At a Senate hearing last week, Pompeo refuted claims that the U.S, was being played by North Korea.

The remains of USA service members have been officially handed over from North Korea with a solemn repatriation ceremony held at Osan Air base in South Korea.

Indonesian authorities have invited North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to attend the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games, which will run from August 18 until September 2 in Jakarta and Palembang.

Observers also said that the agenda could include the issue of fostering peace around the Northern Limit Line, a de facto maritime border, and a joint project to excavate remains of troops who were killed during the 1950-53 Korean War and left in the DMZ.

But at their landmark meeting in Singapore, Mr Trump and Mr Kim agreed to work towards the "complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula".

An organisation representing Dutch veterans who fought in North Korea has asked prime minister Mark Rutte to do his best to recover the bodies of five Dutch soldiers who died in the country in the 1950s.

However, officials did note to the Washington Post that another launch facility - the Sohae Satellite Launching Station on the West Coast - was being partially dismantled.

The Sanumdong factory built the first North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) capable of reaching the United States.

The officials say evidence, including satellite photos taken recently, suggests that construction is underway on one or two ICBMs.

"We've been watching the news, and we've been hopeful that my uncle is among the remains", he said. The two sides remain technically at war because a peace treaty was never signed. North Korea has steadfastly argued its nuclear weapons are meant to neutralize alleged USA plans to attack it.

While the provenance of the remains has not yet been confirmed, they're being treated with the respect that's traditionally accorded to fallen US troops. The US military presence in South Korea is the backbone of its security commitment to South Korea, which doesn't' have nuclear weapons.

It's possible that questions about the identities of the remains could persist for years to come.

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