University Of Louisville To Remove Papa John's From Stadium Name

University Of Louisville To Remove Papa John's From Stadium Name

University Of Louisville To Remove Papa John's From Stadium Name

Also being renamed is John H. Schnatter Center for Free Enterprise at the university's business college.

But "if I could take it off?"

Fearing more losses, top executives chose to remove Schnatter from all marketing materials, a source said on Friday, although they did not give any more details about how long this would take to achieve. He owns almost 30 percent of the shares, and remains on the board even after ceding his role as chairman. Schnatter resigned as the chairman of the board of his company on Wednesday.

The deal provides that if he leaves the company, Schnatter can rename the building. During the call, Schnatter was asked how he would separate himself from racist groups online.

Schnatter has always been the face of the pizza brand, and the company has acknowledged in regulatory filings its business could be harmed if Schnatter's reputation was damaged.

A person inside the company with knowledge of the decision said they were unaware of plans to change the chain's name.

Schnatter owns almost 30 percent of the company's shares, which fell after the report but rebounded when he said he would depart as chairman.

The slur occurred during a media training conference call in May between top staff at Papa John's and a marketing agency called Laundry Service.

Schnatter apologized for the remarks Wednesday.

'Five years from now, they might be able to start bringing him back.

According to Forbes, the call involved a role-playing exercise that was supposed to give Mr Schnatter experience in dealing with hard issues. Schnatter subsequently issued a statement acknowledging the use of "inappropriate and hurtful" language. But the school faced mounting pressure from a number of constituents, including football players Seth Dawkins and Jaylen Smith, to drop the company's name from the stadium.

"The Marlins are committed to an inclusive environment for all of our fans", the Marlins said in their brief statement announcing the suspension of Papa John's-related activities.

Papa John's International Inc., which began operations in 1984, has more than 5,200 locations globally.

The company can not afford to alienate customers, with sales already under pressure from rivals such as Domino's. For the first three months of this year, the chain said a key sales figure fell 5.3 percent in North America.

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