Russian cargo ship delivers fuel, food for International Space Station

NASA TV will provide live coverage of the spacecraft's arrival and docking at the ISS, and you can watch it live here starting at 9 p.m. EDT (0100 GMT). It was launched at 5:51 p.m. ET by a Soyuz-2 rocket from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome. Progress-MS-09 is expected to dock to the ISS on July 10 at 04:39 Moscow time.

The success of this mission may set the way for future Russian cargo and crew launches using the same expedited capability.

Progress Spacecraft are expendable vehicles that have been furnishing the ISS since 2000, the year astronauts initially assumed residence on the orbiting lab. NASA officials said that if everything works out as per the plan Progress 70 will remain connected to the station until January 2019. This will be replaced with the new Multipurpose Laboratory Module Nauka, whose launch date is yet to be decided.

Dr Gerst, a geophysicist who was selected in 2009 to take part in space training and is now on his second space mission, wrote: "By orbiting the Earth nearly 16 times per day, the #ISS crew travel the distance to the Moon and back - every day". However, the space agency found a way to reduce that travel time to just under 6 hours in 2013.

This is the spacecraft's first attempt of a fast-track orbital rendezvous with ISS.

Usually, other spacecraft take 2-3 day to reach the space station.

The same thing happened with the Progress 69 cargo launch in February. "Third time was the charm". However, NASA has contracted private spaceflight companies to launch the agency's cargo shipments.

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