Heat wave prompts warnings, bakes nation ahead of July 4 holiday

FORECAST | Because Friday just isn't awesome enough

FORECAST | Because Friday just isn't awesome enough

High temperatures and stifling humidity expected this weekend has prompted the National Weather Service's Cleveland issue a heat advisory for Ashtabula County and northeast OH for today.

High humidity coupled with soaring temperatures in the lower 90s will add up to a heat index - what temperatures feel like - in the upper 90s starting Sunday, according to Kennedy.

The combination of heat and humidity will lead to an increased risk of heat-related stress and illness. The National Weather Service will initiate alert procedures when the Heat Index is expected to exceed 105°-110°F (depending on local climate) for at least 2 consecutive days.

For additional information, visit the state Department of Environmental Conservation website at, https://on.ny.gov/nyaqi, or call the Air Quality Hotline at 800-535-1345. Limit time outdoors if possible, and make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water!

Long-term forecasts show that a brief cool down will happen by Saturday, however, there are even stronger signals that widespread summer heat will quickly move in again as we head toward the middle of July.

A risky heat wave will have more than half of the country sweltering over the Fourth of July holiday. Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles, in which authorities said auto interiors can reach lethal temperatures within minutes. As we head into next week, hot and dry conditions are expected. Numbers may be slightly cooler along Lake Erie.

Due to the forecast of extreme heat, organizers of Friday's annual Path to College Walk in Minneapolis announced Thursday night that the 3.5-mile route will be shortened. Some parts of Southern New England are under excessive heat warnings, meaning the heat index could surpass 105 degrees for several hours during the day. Combined with the humidity, it could feel as hot as 110. Victims of this illness should be treated in the same ways as those with heat exhaustion but do not give fluids. It is best to avoid extended amounts of time in the sun from the late morning to early evening.

Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing.

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