Trump considering two women for Supreme Court

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President Donald Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One he plans to announce his choice to succeed retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on July 9.

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, and Susan Collins, Maine, will nearly certainly be needed for Trump's eventual nominee to be confirmed, making them the most influential senators in the battle to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced Wednesday that he is retiring.

The president said he would not ask potential nominees about their position on Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that gave women the right to an abortion.

"Let's talk about what America is going to be like that's different", Toobin said of life in the USA after Kennedy is replaced. The article traced the connection back to when Kennedy's son Justin Kennedy dealt with Trump while working at Deutsche Bank during a time when the bank loaned Trump more than a billion dollars.

Senator Mike Lee from Utah could be President Donald Trump's pick for the Supreme Court.

Trump has hit the ground running, meeting Thursday with key Republican and Democratic senators at the White House in the evening to discuss the vacancy.

Trump and a Republican-controlled Senate will now nominate and confirm a justice to fill the seat vacated by Kennedy, and it has abortion-rights advocates all over the country concerned. Also of interest are Amul Thapar, a federal appeals court judge from Kentucky who is close to McConnell; Brett Kavanaugh, a former clerk for Kennedy who serves on the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., and Amy Coney Barrett, who serves on the federal appeals court in Chicago.

"Mike Lee, he's an outstanding talent", Trump said. "If I were John or Jerry or Bill, I'd say, 'Wait a minute".

In the run-up to selecting Gorsuch, Trump met with three contenders and White House officials vetted several more.

"I think it's given even more significance by the fact the two most moderate Republican senators [Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska] are women".

The Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative political campaign organization, has launched a seven-figure ad buy aimed at vulnerable Democrats, said chief counsel and policy director Carrie Severino. Kennedy essentially protected the Roe v. Wade decision when he sided with the plurality in the 1992 case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey. "We're right in the middle of this president's very first term", McConnell said. "What we're seeing here is Gorsuch 2.0".

"I think the optics do matter".

Experts who study the power dynamics of Washington have a message for Democrats looking to stop the Trump administration from abusing its power: When they go low, you go lower.

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