Fox News host apologizes for calling Trump and Kim 'two dictators'

Fox News host sorry for calling Trump Kim'two dictators

Fox News host sorry for calling Trump Kim'two dictators

Trump praised Kim's love of his country, sizing up the strongman as "very talented". Carrying with them hopes to end seven decades of hostility and the threat of a nuclear confrontation, the meeting between the two firebrand leaders will be watched closely by people across the world. That was, perhaps, until she accidentally called him a dictator.

Before signing what Trump described as a "comprehensive letter", Kim said the two leaders had a historic meeting "and made a decision to leave the past behind". North Korean and USA journalists argued and elbowed one another for almost 20 minutes jostling for position to capture the moment when Trump and Kim entered the room.

Trump said not only would he "absolutely" be inviting Kim to the White House for a meeting, but he expected the two would meet "many times" in the future. "We have the framework for getting ready to denuclearize", Trump said.

With destiny calling, Trump was the first to arrive at the colonial-era Capella Hotel on Sentosa, a resort island off Singapore's port with luxury hotels, a Universal Studios theme park and man-made beaches.

Seemingly sensing Hunstman's slip, Scaramucci opted to brush the comment aside, opting instead to give the USA president some praise.

Trump spoke only briefly in public on Monday, forecasting a "nice" outcome.

"Will you give up your nuclear weapons", this reporter followed. The president was joined by a translator and his chief of staff John Kelly along with Secretary Pompeo and Bolton.

A Fox News host has apologised for an unfortunate gaffe, referring to President Donald Trump as a "dictator" live on air. He told reporters he thinks he will know nearly immediately whether a deal can be made, saying: "I will know, just my touch, my feel".

"This is history, we are living history", Ms Huntsman said.

He would not say whether that included the possibility of withdrawing USA troops from the Korean Peninsula, but said the context of the discussions was "radically different than ever before".

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