The Elder Scrolls VI And Starfield Announced At E3 2018

The Elder Scrolls VI And Starfield Announced At E3 2018

The Elder Scrolls VI And Starfield Announced At E3 2018

Although we don't know when the game will release, or on what platforms, we know it will be after the studio's brand-new IP Starfield.

Bethesda has reportedly been talking about making Starfield for years now. Players will take the role of the DOOM Slayer, fighting across dimensions, slaying new and classic demons with powerful new weapons and abilities.

Although Bethesda likes to talk about games in its immediate future at its E3 conferences, it allowed itself a couple of longer term announcements at E3 2018. This open world, post-apocalyptic first-person shooter will combine the best of id's shooting expertise with Avalanche's penchant for creating massive, entertaining worlds, and should give the series a new lease on life. You're not likely to see a "2" after all those, as people are trying to move you to the next version of those games. And yet we have a creeping suspicion it will be a lot more violent, and faster-paced. It introduces three new game modes: Story, New Game and Survival Mode. You read that right: it's cross platform, so you could play on your iPhone X while someone half way around the world is pitted against you in VR. If you're die-hard for the Fallout games, I'm sure you've already put in you pre-order although there's now no release date yet.

BETHESDAElder Scrolls 6 release news: When is release date? The multiplayer aspect of this game is not expected to arrive until after the single player ships which pegs a 2020 release timeframe.

The premise is you assume the role of a Blade, "the Empire's top agents". It's a new take on Fallout, but it's still a Fallout game.

Aside from The Elder Scrolls 6, which I think we all knew was on its way in some form or another, the other new title was "Starfield", a sci-fi game that Bethesda is now developing with next-gen systems in mind for. We know that it has a sci-fi setting, but very little other than that.

And now the sequel was confirmed during Bethesda's E3 conference via a majestic, albeit incredibly short, teaser trailer.

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