New evacuations near Guatemala volcano set off panic

Women mourn as the coffins of seven people who died following the eruption of the Fuego volcano are carried along the streets of Alotenango

Women mourn as the coffins of seven people who died following the eruption of the Fuego volcano are carried along the streets of Alotenango

Almost 200 people are missing and at least 75 have been killed since Guatemala's Fuego volcano began erupting over the weekend, officials said Tuesday.

Guatemala's national disaster management agency, CONRED, said 1.7 million people have been affected by the volcanic eruption and over 12,000 have been evacuated.

Nearly 200 people were still missing after Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego erupted Sunday, officials said late Tuesday, with the death toll already at 70.

The eruption on Sunday sent columns of ash and smoke 10km into the sky, dusting several regions with ash.

President Jimmy Morales traveled to survey the disaster area.

These funds will help "Guatemala Red Cross support 3,000 of the most vulnerable survivors for three months", they added.

Rescue workers have been met with grisly sights, with the bodies of entire families found in their houses after the volcano spewed lava, rock and gas in its first eruption.

"My cousins Ingrid, Yomira, Paola, Jennifer, Michael, Andrea and Silvia, who was just 2-years-old", the distraught woman said - a litany that brought into sharp relief the scope of a disaster for which the final death toll is far from clear.

On Tuesday, Fuego volcano erupted again, unleashing a new flow of risky volcanic material.

Rainfall is complicating efforts to recover bodies in villages devastated by the eruption of Guatemala's Volcano of Fire, and some locals say many remains will never be removed.

Firefighters said the chance of finding anyone alive amid the still-steaming terrain was practically nonexistent 72 hours after the volcanic explosion on Sunday. "You have to be prepared, for the children", he said.

Traffic came to a standstill on choked roads and many without vehicles fled on foot, even from the city of Escuintla, which is located about 15 kilometres from the volcano and was not under an evacuation order.

Villages on the slopes were buried in volcanic ash and mud.

According to volcanologists, eruption records of Fuego volcano, one of the country's most active volcanoes, dates back to 1542.

They have been helping children and families in Guatemala for ten years. "There are injured, burned, and dead people", said Sergio Cabanas, the agency's general secretary on national ready.

Many people have been displaced by the eruption.

"Lavas can be deadly and risky, but they usually move at a more predictable rate and don't spread out as quickly across the land, so it can usually be escaped from before people lose their life", Rubin said.

Of the 75 confirmed dead, only 23 have been identified, including two girls between the ages of 3 and 6.

Garcia stated that 17 of the victims have been identified.

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