IOS 12 introduces new features to help you curb your iPhone addiction

IOS 12 introduces new features to help you curb your iPhone addiction

IOS 12 introduces new features to help you curb your iPhone addiction

Thanks to face recognition, the sharing suggestion would be to people who are actually in the photos. Paid iOS apps price drop usually offers an app to download at a discounted rate or completely free. You can set it so you only get access to and notifications from Facebook for a certain amount of time per day. So grab it now!

With the new OS, you'll be able to turn off notifications for apps you don't want to deal with from the lock screen. iOS 12 is also bringing support for grouped notifications. This means there's less money to be made in high-end smartphones now where profit margins are generally higher and for a company like Apple that doesn't really make low-end, or mid-range devices for that matter, this presents a challenge. We're not responsible for price raise if you are late to download. If you're concerned how much time you - or your family - spend on your iPhone or iPad, Apple has you covered with its next big release.

Google announced similar changes that allow users to set time limits on apps running its Android mobile operating system. What remains to be seen is whether there is enough of a compelling reason for someone to use AR, even if it's built into everyday apps.

Apple has updated the Apple News app with a slightly revamped interface. The voice memo app has also been updated with a new app and it is also making its way to the iPad.

The controls allow users to set "Do Not Disturb" modes on their phones, such as at night or during trips to the playground with their kids.

The new character options include a ghost, a koala, a t-rex, and a tiger.

Among the features created to keep users glued to their devices, the company showed off new augmented reality features that blend the real and online worlds - including a demonstration of a new Lego children's playtime app that allows kids to use their phones to interact with toy models they had built.

Apple is building on Animoji by introducing Memoji. iOS 12 is getting some meaningful updates that will help you be more productive and potentially less distracted by your device. The company compiles the demographic information to create group profiles - called segments - for targeted ads. And Group FaceTime is integrated with group Messages chats so you can take a text chat into the video chat.

Meanwhile, the company is enabling group video conferencing with up to 32 people through FaceTime.

What do you think about iOS 12? Amazon, by contrast, was much more open to controlling apps with its Alexa assistant.

"It's a smart move for Apple to reflect the current concerns around security and privacy with new tools to prevent web companies from actively tracking your browsing activity", Mr Wood said.

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