Bryan Colangelo already losing trust from players around National Basketball Association

The Philadelphia 76ers are now investigating Bryan Colangelo - the team's president of basketball operations - and his alleged use of five Twitter accounts, as first detailed in a report from The Ringer.

Ownership's main fear is that the Colangelo scandal has hurt his credibility inside and outside the franchise and could affect free agency when LeBron James and Paul George are expected to hit the market, ESPN reported.

On Tuesday, a report by The Ringer connected Colangelo to five accounts that have taken aim at Joel Embiid and former Sixers president Sam Hinkie, among others, while disclosing medical information about former center Jahlil Okafor. The accounts were also very defensive of Colangelo's decision-making, and even his choice in dress shirts.

Team ownership does not appear to care to parse exactly how responsible Colangelo himself is for the accounts if it is indeed proven that someone close to him was given information which they then posted publicly.

Vince Quinn of SportsRadio 94WIP says the Sixers have no choice but to fire him.

Going off of the report, it does not make a difference to the Sixers whether it was him or his wife running the burners. "There is just no other way", said Quinn.

National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver responded the Colangelo/Sixers issue at his Finals news conference Thursday, saying the investigation will be get done, but not by cutting corners.

"So, of course, from the league standpoint, here we are, Game 1 of The Finals, it's not necessarily something we want to be talking about, but it's the reality of this league", Silver added.

He cautioned people to not rush to judgement. "You have to separate sort of the chatter and sort of what either fans or, frankly, the media are saying from the facts".

"Well, for the league there is always that balance of speed and doing things in a deliberate and appropriate way", Silver said.

The Sixers commissioned an outside law firm to investigate the matter, and that investigation has already included the surrendering of Colangelo's cell phones, league sources said.

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