Trump says he wishes he didn't appoint Jeff Sessions attorney general

ImagePresident Trump’s promotion of elaborate unproven theories appears to be having a distinct

ImagePresident Trump’s promotion of elaborate unproven theories appears to be having a distinct

Giuliani had hoped to be in Trump's Cabinet but not as attorney general, he said. The effort is, at this point, one of the few effective Republican attempts to install guardrails around a president who delights in defying advice and breaking the rules.

Two top Republican allies of President Donald Trump have thrown cold water on his claims that the Obama administration used a spy to infiltrate his 2016 presidential campaign, an unsubstantiated theory he and some conservative allies have dubbed "Spygate".

"There's no doubt he's complained about him", Giuliani affirmed, "there's no doubt he has some grievances". I don't know they've aired them out yet.

"He's not going to fire him before this is over", he added. "Nor do I think he should".

"I'm now convinced that without a new attorney general, we have no hope of getting to the bottom of this, so in that sense, I think the president is right", Gingrich said. On Wednesday morning, the president fired off a series of tweets blasting the former Alabama Senator.

That comports with the assurances that Comey has said he gave Trump in confidential conversations during his time as Federal Bureau of Investigation director - although Comey declined to say so publicly.

Adding to the "mountain of evidence" that President Donald Trump has obstructed justice and indicating that special counsel Robert Mueller's probe is continuing to expand, the New York Times reported late Tuesday that Mueller is examining a meeting last March during which Trump ordered Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse his recusal from the FBI's Russian Federation investigation.

"He could, but he shouldn't", Giuliani said, pointing to what he called improving poll numbers for Trump.

"The notion for those who may be partisans in the crowd and say, 'Gosh, if the Democrats take control, they'll be able to really ramp these up, ' I think the American public will be exhausted of it if this is not wound down in this calendar year", Warner warned Wednesday during an appearance at the Code Conference, a digital technology industry trade event.

Some people close to the president have said privately that they believed the recusal was overly broad and done too hastily in the middle of public scrutiny over Mr. Sessions's congressional testimony. The person expressed sympathy, but argued against firing Sessions. Pushing for Sessions to reverse his recusal, like any other single action, is unlikely to support an obstruction charge.

There may be a limit to how long the campaign to save Sessions can hold on.

Put differently, Trump's fight to have his own Roy Cohn, running interference for him at the Justice Department and turning down the heat in the Russian Federation investigation (if not ending it altogether), is reflective of his corrupt intent, a critical element of an obstruction charge. "And that it has nothing to do with Donald Trump".

But Graham added, these are "not lifetime appointments".

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