New Fallout game could be on the way, following tease from Bethesda

While some have speculated that a new game could potentially be announced prior or during the E3 gaming expo, others believe that a "Fallout 3" remaster could be in the works, especially with the title's 10-year anniversary set for October of 2018.

Bethesda's Fallout franchise is rife with lore and symbols.

This teasing of fans through cryptic tweets is something which Bethesda seems to be rather fond of recently, given that just a few weeks go a RAGE 2 reveal was teased via a series of mysterious images. All we know for sure is this tease is Fallout-related, but what could it be for? Fallout 4 is a bit more advanced than Skyrim, so it'll be interesting to see how much power Bethesda can summon from Nintendo's latest handheld/home console hybrid, or if any features might have to be scrapped.

Fallout 4 proved a huge hit for Bethesda and could probably only be topped by a new game, or something from the Elder Scrolls series. However, it's far from insane to suggest that they might be working on a remaster of a previous Fallout title. The last thing anyone expects would be a new Fallout release, which is why the studio's latest tweet that appears to tease exactly that is very surprising indeed.

We'll keep you updated should Bethesda Game Studios reveal any new information. While Fallout 3 is the most likely bet, it's always possible that they're working on remasters of the original Fallout games or even Fallout: New Vegas.

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