Nanny Yoselyn Ortega gets two life sentences for murdering UWS children

Nanny Yoselyn Ortega gets two life sentences for murdering UWS children

Nanny Yoselyn Ortega gets two life sentences for murdering UWS children

Before the sentencing last the word was given to Yoselyn Ortega.

During her sentencing hearing, Kevin Krim, the children's' father, called Ortega a "malignant narcissist" and said she wanted to put him and his family through the pain of a trial.

"I insist on the fact that she was aware of his actions no more than a baby or a rough wild beast, "said Ortega's lawyer , Valerie van Leer-Greenberg". The parents hired her after a relative of Ortega's provided them with a fabricated reference claiming Ortega had nannied for a child of hers who never existed. "Why hasn't she shed a tear now?"

Unable to contact the 55-year-old nanny, the paediatrician rushed home, where Ortega was supposed to have taken Leo for a nap.

The children's mother had been out with a third child and returned home to find them dead. They testified that Ms. Ortega, a religious woman, had suffered from bouts of deep depression, and delusions and hallucinations since she was 16 in the Dominican Republic, but her illness had not been treated or diagnosed until after her arrest on murder charges.

Jurors gasped in horror as graphic images of the crime scene were shown in court. Lucia had sustained about 30 slashes to the body and neck, showing that she had tried to fight back.

Over the eight-week trial, jurors were subjected to stomach-churning photos and testimony spanning the children's final moments, the family's heartbreak and Ortega's alleged descent into madness. You're evil! And you like this, you like this, you're getting pleasure.

Kevin and Marina Krim brought many in the packed courtroom to tears as they talked about their horrific ordeal and how they survived it. "It's the worst thing imaginable. We called them Team Krim", Kevin said.

Ortega had pleaded not guilty on the grounds on the grounds of mental illness, but NY courts have a high bar for proving insanity, with jurors deciding she was aware of what she was doing.

Assistant District Attorney Stuart Silberg argued she was driven by spite aimed at Marina and rage over her own personal failures. She looked very unhealthy. He joined her in New York City in 2012. "She had aged a lot - like seven years in a few months".

The lawyer of a nanny-killer asked the judge to show "mercy" to her client and to mitigate the sentence.

"I had to do everything and take care of the kids", she told police after the brutal murder.

The prosecution argued that the nanny had meant to kill the two young children before committing suicide because she was angry and depressed about her workload, and jealous of the child's mother.

Mr Krim, who now works at a start-up, and his wife use a Facebook page to post updates on their lives. The couple's two sons, "Felix and Linus, born after the murders, never got the chance to meet Lulu and Leo".

In 2012, in the aftermath of the killings, the Krims founded the Lulu & Leo Fund, which supports creativity in schools.

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