Gina Haspel Nominated as CIA Director

Gina Haspel Nominated as CIA Director

Gina Haspel Nominated as CIA Director

Arizona Sen. John McCain, who was tortured during almost six years of captivity during Vietnam, opposes Haspel's nomination.

It's now come to light that waterboarding and other torture techniques were used during the interrogation of terror suspects who were held at the base.

Haspel has been sharply criticized for her role in the Bush administration's enhanced interrogation program - considered by many to be torture.

Kelly Sadler was discussing McCain's opposition to Haspel at a staff meeting on Thursday when she made the comment, according to the two people, who spoke on condition of anonymity. John McCain, a Republican who is still recovering from treatment for brain cancer and would likely not return in time for the Haspel vote, is firmly against the nomination.

Supporters of Haspel are pushing for votes by the Senate intelligence committee and the full Senate before the Memorial Day break, at the end of the month.

Our friend Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government may have said it best: "While she may have honorably served under now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Haspel's testimony putting her judgment about legal orders above that of the Commander and Chief makes her unfit to serve as CIA Director, and President Trump should do the nation a service and withdraw her, already controversial, nomination from further consideration".

Haspel told the Senate intelligence committee that, if confirmed, she would not allow the use of those tactics.

Democratic Sens. Martin Heinrich from New Mexico and Kamala Harris from California also admonished Haspel personally on Wednesday, for being seemingly evasive during questioning at the hearing.

Haspel, now the acting director of the CIA, told members of the Senate intelligence committee during her confirmation hearing on Wednesday that, if confirmed, she would not restart the interrogation program. Haspel spoke in Russian at one point, underscoring her long experience running clandestine operations against Russia, these people said. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. "Senators and the public need to know more about her record".

"Right now, an wonderful hero has been appointed to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency and because of that, some of the things she has done are being attacked". "That is, I think, the foreign policy we have seen from Mr. Trump".

"Given the nature of CIA's mission, most of her achievements can not be shared publicly", her supporters wrote. Prodded again by Warner, Haspel said, "No".

In recent days, those coming out against Haspel include independent Sen. It's time for him to get behind his fellow Kentuckian for this crucial position, not because she's a Kentuckian, but because it would be impossible to find anyone more qualified, more prepared and more suitable for the job.

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