President Trump to rally Thursday in Elkhart, IN

Vice president's brother wins GOP bid for his old House seat

Vice president's brother wins GOP bid for his old House seat

"Joe Donnelly voted no on tax cuts, voted no health care, and he voted no on canceling job-killing regulations, which may be even more important than those incredible tax cuts", Trump added.

Trump is set to rally supporters in Elkhart, Indiana, on Thursday night, two days after state Republicans nominated former state lawmaker Mike Braun to challenge vulnerable Democratic U.S. Sen. Mr. Donnelly has carefully nurtured a voting record that has, until now, avoided being considered by Republicans as too liberal.

"It's okay that the President and Vice President are here today for politics, but problems only get solved when you roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work", Donnelly said in a statement in response to the Trump-Pence rally, calling himself "Indiana's hired help in the Senate".

On Tuesday night, Republican voters in IN overwhelmingly elected Braun to take on Democratic Sen.

Mr. Donnelly may face an uphill battle persuading them.

The Trump approach is probably a template for what Senate Republicans and their campaign operations would like to see from the often unpredictable president.

The President said: "You remember everybody in the fake news, when they were saying he's going to get us into a nuclear war?" He assailed him for opposing the president's signature tax cuts and his attempt to end the Affordable Care Act.

Imploring Braun to join him on stage, Trump turned the podium over to the Senate nominee, who credited the president for providing an inspiration to his candidacy.

The president said Donnelly will do whatever Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tells him to do, but Braun will stand with his agenda.

But he began his almost one-hour speech by touting his administration's most recent achievement, the release of three American prisoners freed from North Korea, to an enthusiastic crowd of over 7,000 supporters that chanted "Lock her up!" just before the rally began.

"I'm a businessman and an outsider just like the President", stated Braun. He's expected to campaign heavily to help Republicans maintain Senate and House majorities and elect GOP governors.

The photo op was at first less than ideal, with Braun appearing to try to get the president's attention for a handshake as the new GOP Senate nominee was speaking, but Braun and Trump eventually got the photo. "We didn't pay for them", Trump said. "The great news keeps rolling in". He says, "We making America proud".

Cohen appears to have used his relationship with Trump to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars - a practice at odds with Trump's "Drain the swamp" campaign message.

The Indiana rally was Trump's fourth political-style event in the past two weeks.

He spoke last week to the National Rifle Association in Dallas.

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