EA's Anthem out March 2019, more Battle Royale hints for Battlefield 5

EA's Anthem out March 2019, more Battle Royale hints for Battlefield 5

EA's Anthem out March 2019, more Battle Royale hints for Battlefield 5

EA held its latest financial report today and the company revealed some small information on two AAA video games that will be released within the next 365 days.

The company joins the list of many companies that have recently publicized their results for the first quarter of 2018 but the announcement was of extra importance for EA because the end of Q1 also marked the end of its 2018 fiscal year.

Electronic Arts reported its fiscal year 2018 revenue at over $5.1 billion United States dollars, a record-breaking year for the game-maker. "We create worlds of adventure, conflict and companionship that inspire you to become the hero of your story". Anthem will be a service game at its core with social-based elements, but unlike games like, say, Destiny, the in-game world will apparently be less static and will "constantly evolve around players".

With the game possibly getting a beta though, fans may not have to wait until March to play it. Regardless of that, BioWare aims "to capture the special feeling of being on a journey with memorable companions". We still really don't know a whole lot about Anthem at this point, and especially nothing about what will make it stand out from other games already available in the field.

"There were, understandably, some questions and concerns about story in multiplayer", Casey writes about Anhtem. And, "I like to be the one making choices in my story-if it's multiplayer, won't the story get watered down?" Blake also pointed out that players want fresh content and more depth from their favorite games. He feels that people are concerned about the multiplayer nature of the game because this issue has not been solved well before. We had previously guessed this March window when EA officially pushed Anthem back to next year, but this provides confirmation of the release month for the title.

Hudson promises that while "Anthem is meant to bring out the best parts of playing as part of an online community, you can choose to play through the story with only your friends, or even on your own". We'll be sharing details on how it works very soon.

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