Carrie Underwood talks about 'freak accident' on 'Today' show

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

She added that there was "one little step" she missed, which triggered the accident.

The singer fell outside her Nashville home on November 10, 2017. The couple's 3-year-old son, Isaiah Michael, was asleep upstairs. "And then it's kind of like, as soon as the song ends, I'm like, 'Oh man, I'm just Carrie again.' The magic ends somehow, and I turn into a pumpkin in front of everybody".

Underwood said, "In the beginning, I didn't know how things were going to end up". "It just wasn't pretty". Two days later, she shared a full-face portrait.

Although Underwood went darkish on social media for a short time frame throughout restoration, in December 2017, Under Deck alum Adrienne Gang posted an image along with her, marking the primary time followers had seen Underwood post-fall.

Expecting a major change in her appearance, fans began to feel that the singer had made much ado about nothing.

Top Talkers: Country star says she tripped while taking her dogs out, broke her wrist and wound up with 50 stitches around her mouth. Kotb complimented the singer and said that she still looks as awesome as ever. "Stitches and all that stuff". And I am grateful for the people in my life that have been there every step of the way'. Priorities! In order that's why my left hand's fantastic.

Barrett explains her song choice, saying, "I wanted to go with that one because last week I wasn't very fond of my performance that I did". If I had fallen anywhere else, I would have been perfectly fine.

"My face has been healing pretty nicely as well", she added.

Not exclusively did she return to the stage on the ACM awards, over the previous month, the American Idol alum confirmed her power by debuting new music and singing the nationwide anthem forward of husband Mike Fisher's hockey sport. Kotb suggested that there was something different about the powerhouse performance, and Underwood agreed, saying that when you're singing something that comes straight from the heart, "it's easy to just be in the moment and be connected to it". She even penned a letter to her fans telling them in advance that she might look a bit different after the surgery.

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