The Newest: Delta flight evacuated due to smoke in cabin

Delta flight from Detroit evacuated upon landing in Denver after smoke reported on plane

Delta flight from Detroit evacuated upon landing in Denver after smoke reported on plane

Smoke inside the cabin of a Delta Air Lines flight forced passengers to evacuate the plane via emergency slides and over-wing exits Tuesday in Denver. The flight attendants remained very calm were trying to evacuate us quickly.

Delta blamed the smoke on a small amount of hydraulic fluid dripping onto the aircraft's auxiliary power unit - a small jet engine located in the rear of the plane.

Delta Airlines passengers panicked as smoke filled the plane's cabin as they landed in Denver, forcing an emergency evacuation on the runway.

Passenger Rachel Naftel took pictures of the commotion Tuesday evening. "When there are fumes coming out of vent & everybody dizzy, there is a problem & it's necessary to evacuate". There were some minor injuries with passengers and crew, either from the smoke or from sliding from the plane.

Delta confirmed to KUSA that passengers deplaned via slides and over the wing after smoke was seen in the cabin.

Williams didn't understand how many individuals had been on board or what sort of aircraft was concerned.

Denver fire officials say firefighters responded to a call about smoke inside the plane and were told the plane was evacuated using portable stairs.

Delta said the 146 customers were transported to the terminal in buses.

"The security of Delta's staff and team is our top priority, and we apologize for its stress this case has generated", claimed a airline spokesman.

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