Fresh Israel missile attack reportedly targets Iran base in Syria

Fresh Israel missile attack reportedly targets Iran base in Syria

Fresh Israel missile attack reportedly targets Iran base in Syria

Iran seeks to arrange in Syria a "dangerous weapon" to use it for the specific objective of destroying the State of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a meeting with his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras and the President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiades for a tripartite summit in Nicosia.

Israel is on the alert against intervention by Iran in Syria's civil war. On Sunday, military officials said Iran may be planning to launch missiles at a military target.

The embassy added that government staff should "consider carefully travel to the Golan Heights until the situation stabilizes, maintain situational awareness, be aware of your surroundings, monitor local media for updates, and follow directions of emergency respondents".

Israel then destroyed what it describe as the Iranian command and control center in Syria that dispatched the drone. Israeli forces are thought to have repeatedly attacked Iranian facilities in Syria.

Iran blamed Israel and vowed to retaliate. One possible solution to this dilemma is trying to fire a limited barrage at military targets in northern Israel.

On Monday, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said there was no need for panic. This is a significant threat to all of us. "There is no room for euphoria or pride, but we are ready for any scenario".

"It's unacceptable that Assad sits quietly in his palace and rebuild his regime while allowing Syria to be turned into a base for attacks on Israel", he said. On April 29, Israel was suspected of more strikes in Hama and Aleppo, reportedly killing at least 18 pro-Iranian fighters.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have soared since February, when the IDF shot down what it said was an armed Iranian drone that penetrated Israeli airspace en route to carrying out an attack.

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