Apple stock hits new highs after ringing endorsement from Warren Buffett

Илон Маск подался в кондитеры

Илон Маск подался в кондитеры

With the news kickstarting the new week, CNN Money reported that Apple shares rose almost 2 percent on Monday and that the world's biggest tech company by market cap is now worth more than $940 billion.

He also said "I'm delighted to see them repurchasing shares".

Buff Daddy made his fortune investing in stable companies that produce simple services and commodities - like gas producers, banks, or beverage-makers.

Amid that rebuke, it might be hard to confess owning any bitcoin, but luckily Bill Gates said that he has sold the small amount that he received for his birthday. He added: "I wished we owned more of it".

They may be able to do it together.

"Apple's an awesome company, and the multiple's not big, the top tech companies do have a very strong profit position right now but Apple has most of all". Not to be out-complimented, Cook gushed that, "on a personal level, [he's] always admired Warren".

Buffett said in an interview with Liz Claman on FOX Business that the iPhone is "maybe the greatest consumer product ever developed" and that one of Berkshire Hathaway's managers talked to him about investing more in Apple.

Berkshire Hathaway's substantial purchasing of stock of 250 million from Apple has left it as it's largest holding. Indeed, the company plans to use part of its cash to buy the shares and increase dividends. We like very much the economics of their activities. And we really like their management, their way of thinking and their way of acting, "he said with a smile".

"I suspect that eventually, when Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House, that we will get single-payer medical care, and I don't think it'll be much more friendly than any of the PBMs", Munger said. There is no reason at all for me to encourage other people to buy Apple. But I know I don't have to do a thing and probably in a couple of years, we'll own 6 percent without laying out another dollar.

Berkshire Vice Chairman Charlie Munger says "We'd do a lot better in all our stock picking if we did it in retrospect". The top tech companies do have a very strong position right now, but Apple has the most of all.

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