Epic Removes Guided Missiles From Fortnite: Battle Royale

39;Battlefield V' preparing battle royale mode- report

39;Battlefield V' preparing battle royale mode- report

Gamers playing the game dedicate hours of playtime to the game. Or rather, more than one comet. Recently, a small object has appeared in the sky above the Battle Royale map. So don't be surprised to see other studios tackle the Battle Royale style in future releases, especially companies that own massive franchises. The studio is supposed to unveil the game on May 17th, at which point it'll have to show fans exactly what they can expect from the new game.

Epic Games has not formally announced the arrival of these keys via its usual channels, but it looks like custom matchmaking has at least entered its test phase on consoles.

Players now have to pay if they want to play the PVE mode, but Epic Games has said in the past that it aims to make the game free-to-play in 2018.

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Speculation about the comet began in late March, when data miners uncovered files related to the suspicious object.

So while there isn't a huge chance that the big Meteor event will happen on April 19, it will be worth fans keeping an eye on the official Fortnite social channels.

With a meteors suddenly popping up everywhere in-game, the player base is on fire with anticipation. Some believe the vibrations actually constitute a message in Morse Code, allegedly reading SOS D5 418, which could in turn relate the meteor spotted in the game's skies.

This message apparently adds up to SOS D5 418, something with quite a bit of meaning for Fortnite players.

However, that would mean that the meteor will be hitting the map today, and so far there is no sign of a meteor strike.

This is reportedly called Impact and will only be available to players in solo play.

The game has out-grossed the likes of Pandora, YouTube, and Hulu, and is now earning more than 1.5x as much as Candy Crush Saga. With the number of changes we've enjoyed since the game's launch, it's as if the developer has been working around the clock to iterate and improve its gameplay.

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